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3 DAY DIET - Three Day Diet Plan - 3 DAY DIET Menu

3 Day Diet – An Outlook For Well Organized Three Day Diet Plan

Apr 6, 2008 by

A well organized 3 Day Diet Meal Plan can let you lose around 10 pounds in just three days. Dietitians who advocated this short term diet also claimed the same. However, the three Day Diet plan lets you get rid of 10 pounds in just three days, at the same time it does have its own critics. This article is, in fact, a review for 3 day diet Plan, a brief but comprehensive outlook about how this diet plan will help for fast weight loss.

Three Day Diet Plan – What this three day diet plan really is?

3 Day Diet Plan is a low calorie diet that helps in consuming around 1000 calories every single day. This helps in a quick weight loss. Three Day Diet reviews often replace it with the quite similar terms like Mayo clinic Diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, Cardiac Diet, or as the Cleveland Clinic diet. However, 3 day diets plan is quite different and to cut to the chase three day meal plan is followed for straight 3 days and has nothing to do with Cleveland Clinic or Mayo Clinic diet plans.

For 3 days diet plan, an individual has to follow three well organized meal plans everyday for three days regularly. For Next 4 or 5 days, diet plans are just the normal, but healthy diet plan that any careful individual use to take. After that, you need to take the same diet plan again to lose more weight. As it is claimed, this diet plan helps you lose 10 pounds in 3 days a month of using this diet can help you lose 40 pounds. Mayo clinic Diet, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, Cardiac Diet, Cleveland Clinic diet, American heart association and British heart foundation Three day diet plans are entirely different to this.

What ingredients are included in 3 Day Diets Plan?

It has nothing to do with grapefruit diet or other cardiac diets which are recommended by British heart foundation and American heart association as 3 days diet plans. It just asks you to follow an everyday precise and specific meal plan that helps in quick weight loss.

3 Day Diet Menu – Day One:
Breakfast – A single slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, and a half grape fruit.
Lunch – A cup of tuna with a slice of toast
Dinner – 3 Ounces of lean meat, a cup full of beets, a cup of string beans, a small size apple and 2 regular scoop of vanilla ice cream

3 Day Diet Menu – Day Two:
Breakfast – A single slice of toast with a boiled egg and half a banana.
Lunch – Half cup of tuna with 5 regular saltine crackers.
Dinner – 2 Slices of beef, a cup of cabbage or broccoli, half a banana, half a cup of carrots and regular scoop of vanilla ice cream

3 Day Diet Menu – Day Three
Breakfast – 5 saltine crackers, an apple and 1 ounce of cheddar cheese.
Lunch – 1 boiled egg and a slice as toast.
Dinner – A cup of tuna, a cup of cauliflower, a cup of melon and a regular scoop of vanilla ice cream

A glass of water and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar can be taken with every meal. To add some flavor to this meal of 3 day diet plan, you can also add a pinch of salt or pepper, lemon, soy sauce, ketchup, vinegar, mustard and Worcestershire. According to Three Day Diet Reviews, the dieters are also required to take a minimum of 8 glasses of water throughout the day.

Still with me? Head not hurting yet? Ok, let’s have a look at How three Day Diet plan Works

How 3 Day Diet plan Works?

There aren’t any particular answers to the questions like how these diet plans work. Not even for Mayo Clinic Diet plan or Cardiac Diet plan, grapefruit diet or cabbage soup diet and nothing can be said even for Three day diet plans by British Heart Foundation and American Heart Association. Similarly, you may find different answers when you explore 3 day Diet reviews over internet.

However, what we can answer is about the foods that are included in this meal. All of them definitely act on the metabolism and boost up the consumption of fats by burning or by some other way.

Pros And Cons of Three Day Diet Meal Plan
An abrupt drop in calorie leads you to lose weight fast. This weight loss may encompass partially of fat loss but most if not all of the weight loss accomplished by 3 day diet plan is due to the loss of water. Although this meal plan is not unhealthy, the only problem with three day diet is that the meal is not nutritional and well balanced. Too severe calorie restriction is not good for health and need to limit your routine life and raise weakness in your body. Additionally, this diet plan is very low in carbohydrates. This diet will make you feel dizzy and quick weight loss is not the permanent solution for you This diet plan is just for 3 days, but there is no harm in continuing it for as long as you can bear. Just what you need to care is to break this diet plan and take the normal meal for your 4 and 5 day diet. According to many reviews for 3 day diet plan, it prevents your metabolism from slowing down, storing fat and going into starvation mode. Additionally, it also keeps you from sensation of feeling hungry. Bottom Line: To cut the chase again, carefully use three day diet plan and if you don’t feel any progress other plans like Mayo Clinic Diet plan or Cardiac Diet plan, grapefruit diet or cabbage soup diet and 3 day diet plans by British Heart Foundation and American Heart Association.



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  1. Tina

    Years ago my mom and I would do this diet periodically and YES, it absolutely does work. I am going to start it today. I got to the point of eating anything I want thinking that since I am active and exercise it would be fine. Now that I am in my 40s it does not balance out. I stepped on the scale this morning and bawled my eyes out. The only difference in the version we did is that day 2 listed dinner as 2 hotdogs rather than beef. The beef seems to be healthier and a better choice.

  2. Lynn

    I have tried this diet several times and it really does work. I ususally lose between 3 to 7 pounds. It seems to reset your metabolism. The key is to not over eat when not on the diet and you should be able to maintain the new weight.

  3. Her Majesty

    Some foods are left out this diet.

  4. Christina O.


    Interesting website and thank you for sharing. I recently stumbled upon the following ideal weight calculator which I found interesting. It shows you how would you look after reaching your ideal weight and has BMI calculator.


  5. norma

    I recently heard of this 3 day diet and decided to give it a try….I am in my third day and already lost 5 lbs so I hope to loose a few more lbs by tomorrow….I really reccomend the diet for those that are already making changes on their life style…I started to excercise and I needed a boost to help me feel motivated to keep on going…I will continue with this diet until I achieve my goal to loose the extra 20lb…I started at 175 lb and so far down to 170…and still have one more day to finish my first 3 days!!!I love the diet it really works!!!

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