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FAT LOSS FACTOR Reviews |Dr. Michael Allen's FAT LOSS FACTOR Scam?

Dr. Michael Allen’s Fat Loss Factor Review

Oct 15, 2010 by

Dr. Michael Allen’s Fat Loss Factor Review

Official Website: http://www.fatlossfactor.com/

Author Name: Dr. Michael Allen

Fat Loss Factor Review – Another Weight Loss program or Something Unique?

Fat loss factor program is organized and designed by Dr. Michael Allen and his wife Lori. They propose a system which claims weight reduction within not more than 12 weeks and the program involves exercises, diet plans and supporting activities. The fat loss factor program offers four work-out levels referred as beginners, intermediates, rapid weight loss and extreme weight loss.

The main focus of the fat loss factor diet plan is towards nutritional add-ons and controlled diet charts. The initial 2 weeks concentrates on eliminating toxins, increasing energy levels, reducing the desires to eat more and to strengthen your immune system.

Fat Loss Factor – A Sample Recipe Video

Fat Loss Factor – The Action Plan

As mentioned earlier the plan is to loose weight through appropriate diet control. Therefore Fat Loss Factor program suggests the dieter has to start with fruits, nuts, organic vegetables, coconut, olive oil, seeds and other nutritional and organic fruits and dry fruit. The diet plan has to be strictly followed to achieve the desired results and the dieter should avoid meat, dairy products and artificial sweeteners etc.

Proceeding onto the Rapid weight loss system and extreme weight loss system, the author suggests placing yourself on lemonade diet, for at least 3 days. This is actually a fast for three days in which the survival is on juices and syrups. Initially there are no hectic or tedious exercises whereas the author recommends walking for at least 30 – 60 minutes everyday.

From the 3rd Week the dieters are being advised to stick on a quite stringent diet plan for the remaining weeks, completing the cycle of 12 weeks. The proposed diet is purely based on fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and lean proteins. It is being advice by the author that the maximum intake should be during the day time, drink ample amount of water, avail small meals frequently and prefer having raw food in every meal.

Exercises are also a major fraction in this therapy. The author claims that the suggested work outs within the guide better up the metabolism, reduces stress and builds muscles. The exercises include 15 minutes short work outs, tai chi, yoga etc.

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Fat Loss Factor Review – Critics

The benefits of the program are many as claimed but the critical analysis give a more realistic review of the treatment. Some noticeable factors and events are listed below;

  • A more organic and nutrient diet is far more expensive then the usual intake.
  • The meal preparation and planning would require more time.
  • It focuses more on starving and fasting to reduce weight.
  • The recommended exercises require a regular routine to practice them all.
  • Time bound and strict diet plans.
  • No official guarantees on the results.
  • Though the fat loss factor diet program is completely natural, no clinical evidences to assure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Although, the major benefit is that it is free of any side effects as a strict diet plan is only organized to setup a healthier body and a presentable personality. So its time to make a choice…choice between giving some time make yourself looks smart or do nothing & remain fat…Choice is yours!



  1. patricia alaniesse

    Will this video work in France?

  2. Paul Migliori

    I would have ordered your program. It interests me. Two major fears stop me. I hesitate to give my credit card out on the internet. I’ve already had my identity stolen and hundres charged on my credit card before I caught it. My second concern is that your software download may have viruses, worms, and spyware. I’d sooner get an address and mail you a check and receive your program in the mail than risk my credit or computer. Any way I can get your program through the mail? Thanks

    • Review Team

      For the first case use PayPal. For the second case use Anti-Virus software so that you are assure that program doesn’t have any virus. Do you even know that while buying this product you are dealing with CLICKBANK? Do you know its credibility? If you don’t know, then you are advised not to buy it.

  3. Razor

    thank you for your review..

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