Heartburn Relief

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Heartburn Relief

Heartburn relief can be soothing words to a person who is suffering from heartburn related medical conditions. Heartburn, commonly known as indigestion, is a burning sensation in the chest. Pain is known to arise in the chest cavity and may emanate to the throat, neck, or jaw. It is usually associated with a sudden surge of gastric acid which is known to be the major symptom of GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease). It is commonly misdiagnosed as its symptoms are the same as that of heart disease. The disease is common in older people and pregnant women and is a cause of great discomfort and pain to its sufferers.

The medical researchers have been looking for ways of reducing or rather eliminating the pain caused by heartburn. The pain causes considerable discomfort to the person who is facing it. Many people resort to the use of medications, herbal remedies and quite a few other ones. Many remedies are short-lived and at times only give temporary positive results and some may even do worse than any good to a person suffering form heartburn. Heartburn relief can be found in various natural ways and methods and some of them are mentioned below.

Sleeping on the left side, or with the upper body raised

Heartburn relief is often found by raising the head above the bed, using pillows as a method of raising the upper body or by sitting up whilst sleeping. Raising the upper body may also provide heartburn relief. Pillows that only raise the head do nothing noteworthy for heartburn relief and just cause neck strain.

Eat smaller meals

Another method of assisting heartburn relief is by avoiding eating a big meal as it causes excess stomach acid production, so one can get heartburn relief if smaller quantities of food are eaten. It is also advisable to avoid certain spices, fatty foods, or foods with high acid content.

Lose weight

Losing a few pounds may be an added benefit to heartburn relief. Theorists believe that excessive body fat adds to excessive pressure to the stomach which can cause highly acidic contents of the stomach to move to the lower esophageal sphincter.

Loose clothing

Loose clothing around the abdomen can also increase the chances of heartburn relief.

Best Heartburn Relief Product ?

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