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Introduction To Muscle Gain Truth Review

Muscle Gain Truth is a 26 week program comprehensive plan, available in 229-page PDF format ebook, for the thin and skinny guys to build their muscles and mass fruitfully. The developer of the manual is Sean Nalewanyj.

Introduction To The Author

muscle gain truth review

Sean Nalewanyj is an expert trainer in fitness and muscle building and he possesses a beautifully shaped mass enriched muscular body. He used to be a skinny guy and had his will to beat the odds and he did it successfully. Now Sean is out there to help other skinny guys to build their muscle and become attractive in their social circle.

What Does This Muscle Gain Truth Ebook Contain?

Muscle Gain Truth is a comprehensive workout and diet printable manual with in-depth information. You will discover 26-week meal plans for 2000 to 6000 calories, 100 exercise database and answer database.

muscle gain truth review

Muscle Gain Truth – Bonuses

Sean Nalewanyj gives away many bonuses with this program which include;

  • 3-month membership with track improvement facility of iTrain Harder
  • Membership of School of Muscle
  • MGT progress tracking software
  • In the trenches hard-core training video
  • Bod-Pod audio course
  • The no fail workout plan
  • On the hot seat audio interview
  • Lifetime program updates

You will also receive 8-week money back guarantee.

PROS of 1000 Muscle Gain Truth Review

  • It is instantly downloadable product so you don t need to wait for days and weeks for the product delivery and start using it.
  • The video tutorials are extremely helpful and let you learn and perform the proper exercises accurately and they are especially helpful for the beginners.
  • The progress tracker is very nice feature and it is helpful to stay motivated for continuous hard work.
  • Along with workout plan, there is an organized meal plan which lets you know the right food fro your health and muscle building.
  • It starts in the slow manner which is good to have enough time to get adjusted with it.

CONS of Muscle Gain Truth Review

I am not sure if I should consider the following points as cons or not, but I found the following ones which are related to the bonuses.

  • The progress tracker remains active free of cost for 3 months.
  • iTrain Harder’s membership also lasts for 3 months and if you would like to continue with it, you will be required to pay 5$ per month.

Answer To “Is It Suitable For Me?”

The simples answer to this question is that if you are determined to make a change in your body and lifestyle and you can stay persistent with the plan, it is without any doubt perfectly suitable for you. Read the warning!!! below if you want to know more about its unsuitability.

Delivery Mode

The Muscle Gain Truth is a digital product so it is available as instant download.


If you have a physical disability which may hinder you from performing exercises or you are very advanced in the age, then you must consult with doctor or dietician before you think of using it.

Muscle Gain Truth – Conclusion

A t the end, I would like to say that gaining muscle is a part of your body growth and you must have seen many people transforming their bodies and Sean Nalewanyj is a living example of it. So if you have enough determination and patience, you are supposed to put Muscle Gain Truth in practice so as to achieve your desired body.


muscle gain truth review by sean nalewanyj

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  1. Miz

    I have had few opportunities to go through many muscle gain truth reviews and compared them with other similar products. The important inevitable fact is that one will need an opportunity to serve some time for this workout programs. However, simply why you will explore growing levels of people you will find the perfect example of achievements for a person of any body type.

  2. Eddie

    Does the muscle gain truth program reviewed on this page have similar benefits for every body despite of the type a person would have?

  3. Magz

    Does this muscle gain program need some dangerous pills? If yes are there many or any side effects of taking those drugs

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