The Jump Manual Review – Scam or Not?

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The Jump Manual Review – Scam or Not?

The Jump Manual Review

Author Name: Jacob Hiller

The Jump Manual Review – Introduction

The Jump Manual program guarantees an increase of 10 inches to your vertical jumping within no less than just 3 months. To ensure a noticeable change in jumping the author compliments the package with 100% Money Back Guarantee. This e-book is written and created by ‘Jacob Hiller’ a well known fitness trainer. The Jump Manual program is designed in a manner that it plays an effect on all those parts of the body which provide assistance in high jumping.

The author claims that this program presents a manual which can easily add more than 6 – 8 inches to your jumping height and if performed with consistency then an increment of a foot has been observed as well. Hiller states that many trainers actually don’t recognize the exact muscles that is used in jumping, but this program the Jump Manual guarantee you to increase your jump no less then 8 inches, otherwise your money will be payed back to you.

Jump Manual review – About The Author

jump manual jacob hiller
Jump Manual Program is written by Jacob Hiller.  He is a full time vertical jump trainer and quickness coach. He has successfully trained several high school & college student, NBA players, Olympic athletes, and professional dunkers to increase there vertical leap as well as their quickness. Jacob Hiller has been developing vertical jump explosion techniques for over ten years and testing them to help the athletes to achieve there maximum potential.

Jump Manual Review – Diet Plan

The Jump Manual Program is not only focused on your jumping ability but it provide you a complete diet plan for you so that you can increase your fitness level so that you can actually jump higher. Experts say that most of the fitness programs are not providing you the complete plan for high jumping as their focus is stuck on only exercises but “The Jump Manual” improves your jumping ability via changing your diet plan as well. The E-book reveals that a perfect nutrition and a respective diet plan is as necessary as other workouts or exercises which helps you jump higher.

jump manual program

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Jump Manual Video Review

The author of Jump Manual Jacob Miller added many videos in his Youtube channel as video testimonials of his program. We guess that the user of those testimonials had had the tangible training from the vertical jump master, rather than only using the digital product. However, this is just our assumption, because the gentry over internet is known to be lazy enough to record a video of himself praising a product even if requested by the merchant of the product. Anyways, lets check out the video review of Jump Manual below:

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The Jump Manual Review – Merits / De-Merits


  • The Jump Manual Program offers you a complete workout and exercise plan which makes your workout easier and help your gain more and waste less.
  • The Jump Manual offer you money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.
  • The Jump Manual is focused only on your vertical increase so that you may get results as quick as possible and unlike other programs they guarantee changes.
  • You will receive a perfect diet plan with this program to make sure that you fulfill the need of your body to maximize your jumping ability as fast as possible.


  • You should be hard working and consistent to get better results through this program. This the only bad point of our program

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Jump Manual Review – Testimonials

Jump Manual program can improve your high jumping ability up to 10 to 12 inches. Doesn’t matter at what level you are at or what sport you play, The Jump Manual program will definitely increase your jumping capability. We have received tons of testimonials and user feed back from which some are listed below

User comment by Allen Kinney

“I love basketball and always wanted to lead but could never succeed as I could not jump higher. On a referral of a friend, I tried The Jump Manual and i have increased up to 8 inches in only 6 weeks and I expect a further increase by performing it consistently”.

Customer comment by Semen Michael

“I am practicing Jump Manual program workout for 6 weeks and I am surprise to increase 6 inches in high jumping”.

Customer comment by Sam Steen.

“Overall it is a program for me to increase my vertical ability and I have gained 4 inches of my vertical in just 5 workouts”.

The Jump Manual Review – Final Words

With so many real users reviews and Author’s Double Money Back Guarantee, Jump Manual Program is the best and most effective program in the market for Increasing your vertical jump. There is no heavy investments in weight and exercises machines as all the exercises in Jump Manual Program do not require you to lock yourself in a room. The program contains all the right exercises and training according to your specific jumping needs with nice aspects of explosive jumping. If you are willing to put some efforts and actually want to increase your vertical jump upto 44″, Jump Manual Program is for You.

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  1. Dan James

    i purchased and used jump manual and though its working, but i almost killed my legs due to extensive training. I got almost 4 inches increase in my jump within 4 weeks without any injury so far :) if you can actually train hard without crying or complaining, then just go for this program as most ofg the points made in this jump manual review are true. The support is bit low on this program in case you lost your password so keep it safe.

  2. Mike

    I would disagree in part with your comment. Having bought and review pretty much every significant vertical jump program, I believe that price sometimes is a sign of quality. Not always, because some high priced programs flat up dont live up to what they claim, but at the same time, some lower priced programs contain junk that you could find anywhere.

  3. jump program

    Jump program, claim to have proprietary exercises and offer unique results particularly those with higher price tags but most Vertical ump Programs, are actually relatively similar.

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