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Why does my Vagina Smell Bad & Stink Fishy!

Aug 11, 2011 by

Why does my Vagina Smell Bad & Stink Fishy!

Why does my Vagina smell bad?

My vagina stinks, my vagina smells fishy, and why does my vagina smell bad? Why does my vagina stink? Why does my vagina smell fishy? These are the kinds of complaints and questions by bacterial vaginosis infected women I come across with very frequently. The ultimate solution for this vaginal odor is most inexpensive product Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom. Here are few letters written by sufferers:

Hello, I need to know that why my vagina smells bad. I frequently get this horrible smell and a white discharge. It is not like a yeast infection. I feel itching and irritation as well. This time it started about a week or two ago. I have had the same partner for a while. I am protected as well. I am tired of complaining “my vagina stinks” and have gone through the treatment but it always comes back. I need to make sure if it is bacterial vaginosis.

M vagina stinks. I have been experiencing a terrible smell from my vagina for weeks. No matter how much I wash, it is always there to make me embarrass. Other people can smell it too and it is really embarrassing. When I sit down I can smell it and when I take my underwear off to use the toilet it is really bad.

Hi, please tell me why does my vagina smell fishy? I am tired of this smell coming from my front passage for about two years and it is very embarrassing. I would like to know if there is anything I can use for this. I keep myself clean but it just doesn’t go away

Some Facts Regarding Vagina Smell

While normal vaginal secretions have a pH of about 4, the pH of vaginal secretions during Bacterial Vaginosis is greater than 4.7. When this acidity level in vagina disturbs it causes bacterial vaginosis that leads to vaginal odor. This vaginal smell increases after intercourse and during menstruation because sperm has neutral pH of around 7. When semen is introduced into a vagina that has Bacterial Vaginosis the bad bacteria release more amines to produce the fishy odor.  The same holds true for blood, which leans toward a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. This is why the fishy odor may also increase around or during menstruation.

How to Get Rid of Vagina Smell or Vaginal Odor?

The most important part is how to get rid of this vaginal odor. If you visit a doctor or any other medical practitioner they will prescribe you antibiotics. While this will kill the bad bacteria it will also kill the good bacteria. It does not deal with the root cause so more than 50% of women will experience bacterial vaginosis again within 3-6 months.

elena peterson
Elena Peterson, a medical researcher, was a victim of bacterial vaginosis. Like 90% of women out there, she searched and tried almost every product claiming to cure her vaginal odor and discharge. After trying every available option with no success, she herself researched about bacterial vaginosis and the results are quite astonishing for her. One of the main factor of bacterial vaginosis, as per her research, is what you eat and drink. She put all her research into a three step action plan and the results were just fantastic. Her cure for bacterial vaginosis actually worked.

Elena Peterson name her product Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom. It is divided into 4 chapter and each chapter is comprises of comprehensive information about bacterial vaginosis.

Chapter #1 of bacterial vaginosis freedom gives you insights about background and the bacteria responsible for this disease. Chapter #2 gives you an overview of bacterial therapy with emphasizing on balance between good and bad bacteria in your body. Chapter #3 of bacterial vaginois freedom gives you the solution of the bacterial vagonisis. It shows you how to cure bacterial vaginosis and get rid of vagina smell in 3 steps. Chapter #4 summarize all the information and gives you additional natural treatments and ways to cure the vagina smell effectively.

Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom is the most effective solution available today to get rid of vagina smell and cure your bacterial vaginosis. The best part of this cost-effective program is its 60 days money back guarantee, which ensures the user that she is getting a 100% working solution for her disease. This program is completely natural with no side effects, making it a smart choice to get rid of vagina smell and cure bacterial vaginosis.




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    my vag is badly smell from outside or inside but i dont know, what medicine i have to use pls advice me

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